Why work with us?


Reason one: time

Your time is valuable, and limited. By working with us, you’ll be able to “hit the ground running”, to research, identify, evaluate, acquire, and deploy new business technologies faster, and far less costly, than trying to do it while also running your business.

Reason two: experience

You know your business better than anyone! But you probably can’t say that about the technology business . We’ll put our decades of experience and insider’s knowledge in software development and technology at your disposal, to help you avoid risk, and significantly increase your chances for success!

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three: value

What is the value of one good idea that increases sales, decreases costs, or both? What is the value of avoiding an expensive and time-wasting technology rollout that goes nowhere?

Creating value is our mission. Helping you achieve your mission is our passion.

How We Work

We offer three primary types of engagements, however you’ll find us flexible to your needs.

If you would like to discuss these options, please click below.


Short Term - Hourly

For immediate and short-term needs, we provide “time & material” services at our normal hourly rate, subject to availability.

To schedule an appointment, please click here, or call: (910) 398-1843.

…for more services and options, please click here.


Mid-Term - By the Project

We’ll be happy to quote you discounted rates for projects that require blocks of our dedicated and contiguous time, for your discrete, and well-defined, short-term projects.

To schedule an appointment, please click here, or call: (910) 398-1843.

…more details here

Long-Term - V.C.D.O.

“Virtual Chief Digital Officer” – This “fractional/virtual/staff” plan provides you with the best of both worlds: (1) the expertise and assistance of a senior executive as an “on-demand” staff member, but (2) without the taxes, benefits, and administrative costs that a full-time hire entails.

…more details here.

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