Get Curious with your decisions!

Curiouser and Curiouser!

The second quality of a great business decision is…

Quality #2: CURIOSITY

Why curiosity? For the simple reason that most decisions that fail, often begin without it. Curiosity, or put another way, IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY, can  be the difference between a good decision and a great decision, or a successful decision or a stinker! Following are a few decision tips that just might help increase your company’s decision success!

  • DON’T RUSH THE DECISION – Too many business owners and managers are in too much of a hurry to take time to be creative in the process. Often, this is looked at as an option, and not as a requirement for all business decisions. The problem with not investing the time upfront is that once the decision is made, and the resulting outcome is not what was envisioned going in, it’s too late to offer more unique and creative options for consideration. A little more time invested on the front-end by brainstorming all possible options, can pay huge dividends on the back-end outcome!
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Although this is a vastly overused expression, when it comes to making great decisions… it’s TRUE! Being more intentionally curious about potential new perspectives and ideas to the point of getting input from both coworkers, and non-employees, such as customers, friends or family members, is often a good way to find ideas and options you never would have considered otherwise. Doing things the same way you always have is “hardening of the attitudes”. This is your chance to either be the “disruptor”, or the “disrupted”. Take a good 360° look around before making that decision!
  • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MINDCURIOSITY ABOUT POTENTIAL OUTCOMES also can be a huge differentiator for your business. Focusing on the DECISION PROCESS is a good thing, as long as you invest the time to “war game” the expected, and even more importantly, the potentially “unexpected” outcomes that could happen! What’s the worst that could happen? While this sounds like a negative viewpoint, it’s actually a positive if it uncovers potential problems you hadn’t thought of before.
  • FIND PRECEDENTS – Have you searched for similar decision outcomes that could shed some light on the decision is front of you? Even if it is not exactly the same situation, market, or customer-base, Googling, reading blogs, articles, forum posts, reviews, business magazines and websites, plus other sources of information, can give you valuable clues and insider insights to help guide your decision and make it a success! You might even have made a similar decision inside your company. Ask around and you just might have the best decision information sitting next to you, or down the hall!
  • FORGET ABOUT WHAT CURIOSITY DID TO THE CAT! – A lack of curiosity can certainly kill a business decision, or even the business! Exercise YOUR curiosity at the start of every business decision process, and make your competitors curious as to how you made such a brilliant business decision!


Were curious to know how curiosity and creativity have helped your decisions. Please leave your experiences and comments below. Thanks!