Welcome to Digital Business, the Future of Your Business or Organization!

There’s a revolution in business technology taking place today, where businesses and organizations of all sizes are employing Software, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Machine Learning, and other new technologies, to help them disrupt markets, leap-frog competitors, and drive more profit to their bottom-lines as a result of increasing their productivity and by better serving their customers! “Digital Business” is the broad term used to describe this integrated ecosystem of technologies, and we would like to help you better understand what “Digital Business” is, and how important mastering it is to your continued business success.

I’ve been involved in business and business technology for almost 40 years now. That’s a pretty long time isn’t it? Over my career, I’ve seen technologies come and go. I’ve made good choices some of the time, but despite my best efforts, I’ve made poor choices far too many times!  No matter how well-informed you think you are, or how much time or money you invest on new technologies, even the best business owners and managers find themselves going down dead-end roads. That’s just the nature of technology and business. However, there is a high cost to making mistakes and poor business decisions, so I have made it my mission, and that of my company’s, to help organizations avoid many of the common mistakes that result from inadequate technology knowledge, experience, research, and the skills with which to properly evaluate them.

I think this is especially true if you are a small business or nonprofit, as you don’t have the resources, technical skills, personnel, or budgets of larger organizations. You know that to compete successfully, you have to not only keep up with your competitors, you need to find ways of leap-frogging them to become, or remain, a market leader. All the same, there is just so much time you can spend researching, evaluating, acquiring, installing, learning, and mastering, any new business technology that could actually help you become a market leader. It’s no wonder that business owners throw up their hands in frustration just trying to understand where to start, much less choosing, from among dozens of likely technologies and vendors competing for your business!

Every day we focus many hours educating ourselves on the latest technologies, trying to understand how they work, their pros and cons, and how they could be employed in helping the typical small business. There are so many new products and services in so many different technology segments, that it can make your head hurt! We can imagine what it must be like for someone who can’t afford to put in 10 or 12 hour days devoted solely toward this purpose.

Because it has become so difficult to keep up with this fascinating, yet frustrating industry, we decided to offer our services, experience, and tech skills to small business owners, in order to help them understand what the possibilities are, and then to guide them in making successful technology decisions, while at the same time, helping them avoid going down those dead-end roads where too many failed technology projects go to die.

If you are considering researching, evaluating, and acquiring new Software, Web, Cloud, Mobile or other business technologies, also consider arming yourself with the insider’s information necessary to make the best decision possible. We believe we can greatly increase your chances for success, and save you considerably more money over time than by going it alone.

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this, and we’ll look forward to exploring the exciting possibilities of “Digital Business” with you soon!

Franklin Davis, Principal Advisor