Innovative Ideas Bring Success!

We help Small Business Owners and Managers Understand and Clarify their Digital Business Transformation needs and options, then through Ideation, Innovation, and Collaboration, help them make Smarter, Lower Cost, Lower Risk, Business Technology Decisions.

We accomplish this through the use of a proprietary decision-making methodology that focuses on the discovery of true needs and the exploration of potential solutions, framed by Asking the Right Questions, in order to achieve successful digital business projects.

We facilitate this process in collaboration with you and your staff, by bringing to bear decades of real-world, day-to-day experience in the trenches of Business and Technology Operations, IT Management, and Marketing.  That experience, combined with deep knowledge of, and skills in a range of business technologies, including Software & Web Development, Cloud, Networking, eCommerce, Mobile, and line-of-business Productivity Applications, gives you the advantage of having an “insiders” perspective when evaluating the acquisition of new or upgraded digital business solutions.

The rare combination of  business and technology experience, in concert with a creative problem-solving and customer-focused consulting process, helps drive successful outcomes for small and medium businesses. Following are some selected services that you may find of use, although this is only a few of the areas in which we may be of help.


What’s the value of a good idea? One that could make your business more competitive, unique, innovative, productive, and profitable?

You may not be able to put a dollar value on creativity, but it’s the driving force that separates the winners from the losers in business. It worked for Apple. Steve Job’s idea to put a computer in the hands of everyone on the planet, literally defined the digital world we live in.

Coming up with world-changing, or even slightly less significant ideas, is not easy, is it? We don’t pretend to be a Steve Jobs, but we do have very creative minds for coming up with new ideas for business products and services, that when combined with your and your team’s ideas, might just be the catalyst to spark the one innovation that can propel your business to new heights!

Software Consulting

Your business runs on software. Discovering, evaluating, acquiring, operating, and supporting the right software applications, can make the difference between success and failure in business.

Before you can make a decision on what software to build or buy, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions, so you can avoid purchasing software and then discovering you didn’t accurately define your decision at the start of the process.

What you need is “insider” experience to make the best decision possible. We’ve architected, designed, developed and marketed desktop and cloud applications, in addition to researching, evaluating, testing, and supporting numerous off-the-shelf software systems, for over 30 years. We know the right questions to ask, to help you find the most successful outcomes!

Cloud Consulting

Is your business “Cloud-First”? If you answered “No”, or “Don’t Know”, we can help you understand why it is so important to the future of your business. We are in the early stages of what some call, “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, and Cloud services are quickly changing the business environment. You can’t afford to be left behind!

Let us help you answer questions like:

  • Which Cloud Service is best for me? Azure? AWS? Google? Other?
  • What technical skills do we need to use Cloud Services?
  • Are Cloud Services affordable for Small Businesses like ours?
  • Can we combine cloud services with our on-premise servers?

…and many other common questions small business owners want to know.

Mobile Consulting

Is your business “Mobile-First”? It means that your products, services, marketing and other digital business initiatives are designed first and foremost for mobile devices. Why is this important? Because that’s what your customers are…mobile, and they expect their interactions with your business to be fast and easy to use on their phones, using a finger and not a mouse. If they’re not…well, your competitors are just a click away!

Mobile-First is not just the latest buzzword. It’s a frame of mind that will determine whether your business grows and flourishes, or it is just road-kill. If your company doesn’t have a “Mobile” strategy, your prospects and customers may not be able to do business with you from wherever they may want or need your products and services.

Let us help you create a mobile “road map to success by connecting with more customers, in more places!

Microsoft Consulting

Microsoft is the leader in “Cloud-First” and “Mobile-First” technologies, just as they have been leaders in Desktop and Server Operating Systems, Databases, and Productivity Software for decades. Our Microsoft experience spans those decades, starting with the MS-DOS operating system and the early versions of Windows, on up to today’s Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Office Pro for the desktop, and Office 365 Cloud and Mobile technologies.

We’re particularly excited about Office 365 and Azure Cloud services, which allow even one-person businesses to have the latest, cutting-edge technologies available to them, delivered as ultra-affordable, and easy to use web services that only require an internet connection,and subscriptions begin at only $5 per person, per month for the Essentials Plan!

Let us put our 25+ years of experience with Microsoft Products and Services, to work for you today!

Digital Business Strategies

Are you prepared for “Digital Business”? Let us help you see and understand the “BIG PICTURE” of today’s digital business technologies and opportunities. We’ll work with you and your team to develop the practical strategies needed for your business to prosper, grow, and remain competitive, both now and in the future.

Digital Transformation” is a hot-topic today, and for good reason. Those companies that “transform” themselves into software companies today will be tomorrow’s leaders. Those that don’t… well, let’s say they’ll be at a great competitive disadvantage to say the least!

This is one trend that you just can’t afford to miss! Now is the time to invest the time, thought, and planning to transform your business into a Digital Business!

Don’t BE history – MAKE history!

smartphone apps


Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint, and other productivity applications  are the workhorses that not only run your day-to-day operations, they also can be levers to increase the productivity of your workforce, create more loyal and satisfied customers, as well as lowering costs while increasing revenues. The applications that you select can literally be a “make or break” decision! We have years of experience in researching, evaluating, acquiring, installing, operating, and supporting the right productivity apps. We can help you do the same!

ERP Systems

ERP, or “Enterprise Resource Planning” suites, are the core applications for many businesses, particularly those with inventories to manage. ERP systems generally include a suite of applications including; Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financials, Logistics, and others.

We have deep experience in the Automotive Aftermarket, having used ERP systems in the daily operations of a chain of automotive parts stores and warehouses. We also currently serve as the virtual IT Manager for an ERP/WMS solution provider based on IBM System i servers. Other markets we’re familiar with include the Marine, Heavy-Duty Truck, and RV Parts markets,

Let use put our decades of real-world experience, designing, developing, evaluating, deploying and supporting ERP systems, to work for you, regardless of the market or existing CRM system you may have!

Business Intelligence

How intelligent is your business? B.I. (Business Intelligence) is all about capturing, reporting and analyzing data to provide the unique insights about your customers, products, markets and information that can accelerate profits!

BI apps will help you understand and gain insights into every aspect of your company’s operations, through easy to digest charts, graphs, maps and data.

We are especially excited about MIcrosoft’s “PowerBI” business intelligence hybrid desktop and cloud service, and there are several others that you might benefit from as well.

We’ll be glad to share our knowledge and experience with you, and help you select the best Business Intelligence application for your business.


How well do you know your customers and their purchasing habits? Customer Relationship Management, or “CRM” systems, allow you to know who your prospects and customers are, what they have purchased, and other critical business information that you need to increase customer service levels and ultimately, profits!

Let us help you research, discover, and evaluate, the best CRM systems for your company, and gain the customer insights that can help you find, grow, and retain them.

We have experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, GoldMine, Salesforce, and other CRM applications that we can use to give you unbiased advice on selecting the right CRM for your business.

Put our Innovative Ideas, Experience, and Skills to Work for Your Company.

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