On-Demand, “Digital Business” Expertise

Virtual Chief Digital Officer” is a new way to have the experience and input you need to successfully transform your business to a “Digital Business”, on-call, when needed, for a prescribed period of time, and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire!


Why pay for a full-time Digital Business Executive Officer, when you can have most of the benefits, without the fully-loaded overhead and hassle of hiring?

Just as with a professional’s retainer, a time-share or a lease, you pay a flat monthly amount that is far less than the fully-loaded cost of hiring someone with equal experience and skills. Your VCDO is then available as needed, and when needed.

VCDO is an affordable option when you are just starting a Digital Business Transformation strategy.  This is also perfect for startups that need help before adding a full-time employee in the future.

How it Works

VCDO subscriptions are month-to-month, so there are no long-term commitments, and the service includes a private portal where all business interactions take place, including an Executive Dashboard, so all projects and collaboration are organized, efficient, and easy to manage!

Collaboration with your VCDO may be scheduled online, or “on-demand” via email, instant-messaging, or by “call-backs” based on availability.

"No Suprises" Enagements!

VCDO terms are agreed-upon upfront, typically in one or more 10-hour blocks of consulting hours per month, so you can budget the services based on your current needs. That way you’ll be confident that the engagement won’t cost more that expected. If additional time is needed, it may be negotiated based on our hourly rates, or the VCDO subscription may be modified. Either way, you’ll never be blindsided by unexpected expenses!

The most important thing a small business owner does each day is… make decisions!

The decisions you make determine whether your business is a success, or not. Since almost all businesses today rely on software, the internet, and numerous other Digital Business technologies, the decisions you make at a “strategic” level, are many times, literally, “life or death” business decisions!

Man Making Decisions

It’s a fact, you know more about your business than anyone! But it’s also a fact that you don’t have the luxury of time to become an expert in all of the technologies that are needed to make your business a success, by out-witting and out-lasting your competitors.

That’s where we come in. Your VCDO consultant will provide you with an “on-demand” source for expert technology and business systems knowledge and experience, including decision support, technical information, and the strategic advice you need in the evaluation, planning, and execution of a successful, Digital Business Transformation Strategy.

Make the most of each Digital Business decision you make, by employing a “Virtual Chief Digital Officer“, to help you think through these mission-critical business decisions. The old adage is true, “Two Heads are Better Than One”, and this certainly applies when it comes to technology decisions! Let’s get our heads together and significantly increase the odds for your businesses’ success!


Private Customer Collaboration Portal

All VCDO subscriptions include a private website where all interactions with your VCDO take place. With your client portal, you have a full history and record of project and each interaction which may be referred to in the future, long after the engagement is completed.


No Long-Term Commitments!

VCDO subscriptions may be month-to-month, or quarterly.  Monthly engagements may be cancelled at any time, and partial months will be prorated. Quarterly engagements may be cancelled with one month’s notice.

The Skills You Need, When Needed!

Your VCDO Partner brings the skills and experience you need to bear on your Digital Business Transformation needs, so that you will have the guidance, ideas, and innovation necessary to make successful technology and business decisions.

Typical Services Include

  • Business Decision Feedback. Like “Before Surgery”, get a “Second Opinion”.
  • Digital Business Strategies & Planning. Chart a safe course to the future!
  • Sounding-Board” – Just need to kick around some ideas with someone with a different perspective?
  • Gut-Check” – you are ready to make a decision but just want to make sure you’ve covered all of the bases?
  • Business Needs Requirements – It’s important to Ask the Right Questions upfront before you potentially take the wrong path.
  • Software Application Pre-Purchase Review – there are so many choices and limited time to evaluate all of them properly. An “insider’s” perspective will uncover unknowns that just might save your bacon!
  • “Build or Buy?” Software Decisions.
  • Application “Demo” evaluation assistance. Essential for “Asking the Right Questions” when it counts.
  • Website Design & Development. Help getting what you need, and not what the developer wants!
  • Mobile & Cloud Strategies – Time invested up-front before investing dollars in a mobile app or service, can pay off for years to come.
  • What’s on YOUR mind – hmmm?

How It Works - A Brief Overview

  1. Login to your private VCDO Client Portal.
  2. Create a new Project, or select an existing Project.
  3. Using the “New Issue” form, fill in the basics of your problem, question, or comment.
  4. Your VCDO receives an alert when you click “Submit”, which starts the ball rolling.
  5. For existing projects or issues, you may contact your VCDO via Chat, Text Message, or Email.
  6. All correspondence, both in and out, are automatically recorded, categorized, and saved for future reference.
  7. Your VCDO will respond to your request within 24 hours or less, or within an hour or two depending on its urgency.
  8. When digital messaging needs additional clarification, you can schedule a call-back from your VCDO.
  9. In emergencies, your VCDO may be contacted directly, via your own private phone number.
  10. Each project and issue is tracked, monitored, categorized, and displayed on your VCDO Dashboard, so everyone knows its status.

Service Options & Pricing

Our services are affordable for businesses of all sizes, and we offer several rate options starting at $79 per hour. All plans are discounted from our normal hourly rate of $150 per hour, and require a valid major credit card or PayPal account information to be on file before work commences.

There are no long-term contracts for hourly or daily rates, and VCDO plans only require commitments of one month, and three months minimum respectively. Minimum billable time of 30 minutes on Hourly Rates, and all rates are based on "time and material". Any pre-approved expenses or purchases made on behalf of the customer will be billed at actual cost. 

Our goal is to provide the very best information and advice available to help our clients accomplish their Digital Business Transformation goals.  Outcomes based our work and our advice to, and on behalf of our clients, is of course, subject to our client's decisions and actions, and as such cannot be guaranteed. However, we make every effort and accomodation necessary to ensure our client's satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We primarily provide advisory, and other services built around PEOPLE, PROCESSES, PRODUCTS, & PLANNING, in three broad categories, including:

  • Digital Business Transformation Vision, Strategy, Management, and ongoing Advisory Services.
  • Existing Organizational and Business Systems Productivity Analysis, Tools, and Advisory Services.
  • Architecture, Design, Development, Project Management, and ongoing Advisory Services for Software, Cloud, Mobile, Web, Desktop, & IT Services.
Can you elaborate on what Digital Business Transformation Services includes, and the process?

Yes! Below are a few brief explanations of what these services include at the 30,000′ level:


  • We undertake a 360° Organizational, Business Systems, & Technology Analysis, in order to create a baseline understanding in preparation for defining a comprehensive DIgital Business Transformation Vision & Strategy.
  • Armed with this knowledge-base, we then use BPM tools (Business Process Modeling) to brainstorm, ideate, game, model, develop use-cases, and ultimately create an initial vision and “menu” of processes, products, technologies and initiatives, to evaluate toward transforming to a fully digital organization.
  • Then through close collaboration with owners and staff, we craft a custom Digital Business Roadmap that is used for the acquisition, implementation, training, and support of those technologies, that meets the organization’s strategic goals and expectations.
  • If the plan is adopted, we then provide ongoing, on-demand, advisory and other services for as long as our client desires, in support of successfully executing the Digital Business Transformation Strategy, using the Digital Business Roadmap as our guide. This includes providing project management, metrics, and analytics, in a Client Dashboard, which keeps everyone aware of the plan’s status, effectiveness, and overall success.
How are these services provided?

We provide the appropriate level of services required to meet our client’s needs and budget, through a flexible and informal, yet highly organized and collaborative digital environment. We place a high value on openness, collaboration, organization, creativity, common purpose, and trust.

Services are primarily provided remotely, using Internet applications and phone communications, which are both highly efficient, and cost-effective for our clients. “Internet” communications methods include using Web/Video Virtual Meetings, Email, Chat, and Mobile Apps. Onsite consulting is optional, but its availability is limited to proximity and time constraints. Since we advocate and are a Digital Business ourselves, we are confident in our ability to provide all services required, through digital means. In other words, “We eat our own Dog Food”!

Our business relationship, services, communications, and collaboration are managed through a private, custom, Client Portal Website, where all interactions can be organized, logged, and retained in one place for future reference, even after the engagement ends. The primary client/provider interface in the Client Portal is through an Agile, Business Process and Project Management System, and all communications are routed through these systems, so there is a complete, end-to-end record of all work done.

We believe the adage “You can’t manage what you don’t measure“. Our clients are always in control of the work we do, and the success of our collaborative efforts are plainly displayed through a Client Dashboard that contains the real-time metrics of work planned, in-progress, completed, and their associated outcomes.

When are your services provided?

We live in a 24-hour world, and while we can’t provide around-the-clock services, we do provide you with the ability to interact with us remotely at any hour of the day or night through your private Client Portal.

As we are based on the East Coast of the U.S., our normal office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT, Monday through Friday. However, since we are a purely digital business, and are passionate about helping our clients, we often say that, “While we may Doze, we never Close!”. That simply means that we usually monitor client activity, and may be able to respond to quick questions from our clients, outside of our normal business hours.

The beautiful thing about being a Digital Business, is that organizations can provide their customers or stakeholders with expanded services using the asynchronous nature of the Internet. Now they can break out of the confines of the real-time “business day”, and offer assistance to clients anywhere on the planet, using store-and-forward communication technologies.

What's the process and how do you do business?

We’re glad you asked! Getting started is simple. Just click here and fill out the Business-Needs form and submit it, so we can get the ball rolling.

Once we receive your information, we’ll respond by your choice of email or phone, to arrange a web meeting to more fully discuss your needs, and our ability to meet them. After assessing your needs, and agreeing on the scope and cost of the engagement you desire, we’ll send you a “SOW” (Scope-of-Work) that details the work to be done, your responsibilities, our responsibilities, and our mutual expectations and goals.

Once the contract is executed, we’ll begin work on your private Client Portal, setup and configure your project in our project management system, and send you the credentials so you can login and go through a short training session on the portal and its features. Once this is completed, we’ll begin work and our collaboration begins!

This initial setup and configuration process should take about one week, depending on the project scope and time requirements, and your advisor’s time availability. From there, we will work the project according to the agreed upon scope and time-frame, until completion. After the engagement is completed, you will retain access to your Client Portal for a period of time which will be specified in the Engagement Agreement. (typically one year)

Ready to begin your Digital Business Transformation?

Please fill out our Business Needs form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Thank you for your time and interest in our services. We look forward to speaking with you and learning about your business needs!

Franklin Davis, Principal Advisor